Even tho I could’t even.

This morning was hell getting up, I felt more tired then I have ever been while still being able to stand up.  Thank the universe for my husband and friends who encourage me to push thru those feelings and these hard days.   

I literally felt so tired that I was concerned about passing out.  I was to tired to drive.  To tired to even think while working out.  My gym partner took the lead today because I could hardly answer basic questions.  I got there tho, I paid my dues toward my goals.

All I could think and all I had the energy to think was “I am going to make it thru this day, I am going to do normal weight, and then I can lay down.”  

It’s amazing what you can do when you stop just wanting to do something and feel a need to do something.  Today I’m celebrating the fact that even tho I couldn’t even, I actually did.

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