Celebrate Everything Today 🐻👑

Celebrating the fact that this is my third week of my weight lifting program and that I have been at the gym consistently for five weeks.  

It’s important for me to #celebrateeverything right now.  It’s not about where I want to be all the time.  It’s not all about the future.  I am learning that you can’t wait to become the person you want to be to celebrate, it’s not how we motivate ourselves.

It’s good to have inspirations, it’s good to envision what you want out of life, but that’s not living.  It’s more important to like yourself as you are, and desire improvement, than it is to worship the end goal entirely.  

I hope you all find something to celebrate today. Even if it’s as small as getting out of bed each day this week and going to work.  Even if it’s as small as brushing your teeth, you deserve to celebrate all the small steps you take today for a better tomorrow.

All of my love ❤️


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