Pills Powders and Stacks Oh My! 🐻

Happy Hump Day!

How I miss Nitroflex, this suff is pretty much crack and being an early morning gym goer crack is basically what I need.  I always work up a sweat and always perform way better with this stuff!

On a semi juice cleanse but still working in protein so I don’t get to few calories.

I’m not perfect at eating healthy especially since it’s summer and we have the pool and the grill and a million hotdog and hbamburger buns, but the number one goal for me right at this moment is getting in the habit of the gym again, and getting out of bed. 

 To many times have I made the mistake of judging myself on every aspect of lifestyle all at once and quickly burning out.  Now I’m a little more experienced at this I know what works best for me is small steps, that’s why I #CelebrateEverything!

Comparing who you are to who you want to become everyday doesn’t sustain motivation, it only tears you down. 

Today I celebrate my efforts, today I have pride that I woke up and went to the gym again!  A kudos to me for trying to eat better, but that’s a celebration for a later date, and just a decent effort for now.

Cheers to 💦 sweat! 


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